Pavel Nosek

Television and commercial director

Pavel has directed a wide range of television genres from studio entertainment Q I and Tajemství těla, the Czech Lion award winning film – Pravomil, reality shows You Are What You Eat, Kitchen Nightmares, Yes Trainer and numerous food programmes including Karolína, domácí kuchařka. He also has considerable experience as a script editor – working in such a role on Deal With it. Examples of his commercial work, such as for Makro, Tesco and Komerční banka, can be viewed on his website.

Jakub Sommer

Film, television and commercial director

Jakub has great experience as a TV drama, comedy and documentary director and is a highly successful commercial director. He has directed adverts for clients including: Ikea, Adidas, GLOBUS, NOWACO, Gambrinus, ČSOB,, Danone, Wallmark, Vinařský fond.

He was the original director of the sitcom Comeback, the comedy show Vylomeniny, two TV Films Stop (and Trojí život) and has produced numerous music videos for Xindl X as well as two theatre productions. He is currently in pre production on his debut film.

Examples of his work can be viewed on his website or Vimeo.

Vladimír Škultéty

Television and documentary film director

Born in 1980s, first time on the set in 1990s, graduated at Prague’s FAMU, working in film industry ever since making living and making it count. Teenage actor turned into singer, writer and director in his twenties, shooting music videos since touring with bands was his favorite activity besides filming. Music videos were shortly followed with shorts and promotional videos and mostly documentaries, commercials and TV shows recently. Currently working on feature film, writing, directing, shooting.

Ivo Macharáček

Television and film director

Ivo has had a long and varied career covering documentaries, drama series, feature films and reality shows. His films include Panic je na nic, Tajemství staré bambitky and Intimity. Drama series Ordinace v růžové zahradě, Svatby v Benátkách, Strážce duší and the sitcom Helena. Documentaries such as Petr Bezruč bez záruky, Těšínské slezsko, Rumunsko hledání minulosti, Gruzínsko Afghánský konflikt, Azadlyk means freedom and Borneo za lovci lebek. Reality shows such as Výměna manželek, Vem si mě, Dům snů, Moje milá tchýně and Na nože. He has also directed numerous launch campaigns for various shows.

Jakub Machala

Director and writer

He studied at Zlin Film Academy and has since worked across a multitude of genres – from children shows to drama. He has directed a number of short films and is preparing his feature debut, Kola. In 2018 he directed Stylista for TV Mall. He has also already achieved renown for his adverts and music videos – winning numerous awards for his commercials and has won best video clip at the Andel music awards in 2017 and 2018.

His work can be seen at Vimeo.

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