Documentary Good Old Czechs wins main Trilobit Award

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The main prize in this year’s Trilobit Barrandien 2023 film and television awards has gone to Good Old Czechs.The Trilobit awards are organsied by the Czech Film and Television Union FITES.

The prize was given to the director Tomas Bojar, editor Šimon Špidla and  sound designer Václav Flegl.

„The sound, editing and directorial rendition of this engaging story creates a genuine film experience that should not miss the attention of experts or the wider viewing public, and last but not least, film and television distributors,“ said the jury.

The film was produced by NOW Productions in co-production with Czech Television, Radio and Television Slovakia, Artichoke and KM Plus Media. The film was supported by the Czech Film Fund and the Slovak Ministry of Defence as well as numerous private sponsors.

The Sales Agent is Journeyman Pictures.

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